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Detailed Programme

Friday,1st Dec, 2017

  • 8:00 18:30, Dec.1

Registration and authors’ kits

Location: Registration desk Harbin Engineering University International Exchange Center

Note: You may also pick up your authors’ kits on Dec. 2 at the registration desk during the coffee/tea break.


Saturday, 2nd, December, 2017

  • 08:00 08:30, Dec. 2

Opening Ceremony

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor,  Academic Hall (启航中心4楼学术报告厅)


  • 08:30 09:30, Dec. 2

Plenary Talk A,Latest Research Progress in Fireworks Algorithm and Its Applications

Speaker:Prof. Ying Tan, Peking University, Beijing

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor,  Academic Hall (启航中心4楼学术报告厅)


  • 09:30 10:30, Dec. 2

Plenary Talk B,Towards Compact Visual Analysis Systems

Speaker:Prof. Rongrong Ji, Xiamen University ,Fujian

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor,  Academic Hall (启航中心4楼学术报告厅)


  • 11:00 12:00, Dec. 2

Plenary Talk C,Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for solving complex optimization problems

Speaker:Dr Xingyi Zhang, Anhui University, Anhui

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor,  Academic Hall (启航中心4楼学术报告厅)


  • 13:30 15:30, Dec. 2
  • Session on DNA Computing – I

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor, Changjiang Room (启航中心4楼长江厅)

Session Chair: Xiujuan Lei

Paper ID 1:Logic operation model of the Complementer based on two-domain DNA strand displacement

Authors: Wendan Xie ,Changjun Zhou ,Hui Lv ,Qiang Zhang

Paper ID 2: TS-Preemption Threshold and Priority Optimization for the Process Scheduling in Integrated Modular Avionics

Authors: Hui Lu ,Honglei Qin,Jinhua Shi ,Rongrong Zhou

Paper ID 20: Predicting Essential Proteins Based on Gene Expression Data, Subcellular Localization and PPI Data

Authors: Xiujuan Lei, Siguo Wang ,Linqiang Pan

Paper ID 23: Model checking for computation tree logic with past based on DNA computing

Authors: Yingjie Han, Qinglei Zhou, Linfeng Jiao, Chunyan Zhang ,Weijun Zhu


  • 13:30 15:30, Dec. 2
  • Session on Bio-inspired Algorithms and Multiobjective Optimization

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor, HuangHe Room (启航中心4楼黄河厅)

Session Chair: Yaoming Cai

Paper ID 16: An elitist non-dominated sorting hybrid evolutionary algorithm for multi-objective constrained ship arrangements optimization problem

Authors: Hao Wang,Shunhuai Chen ,Liang Luo

Paper ID 17: Evolutionary Algorithms’ Feature Selection Stability Improvement System

Authors: Yi Liu,Xingchun Diao,Jianjun Cao,Lei Zhang

Paper ID 25: A Hybrid Parameter Adaptation based GA and its Application for Data Clustering

Authors: Kangfei Ye ,Weiguo Sheng

Paper ID 26: Population Control in Evolutionary Algorithms: Review and Comparison

Authors: Yuyang Guan, Ling Yang ,Weiguo Sheng

Paper ID 27: A Family of Ant Colony P Sytem

Authors: Ping Guo, Mingzhe Zhang ,Jing Chen

Paper ID 29: A Modified Standard PSO-2011 with Robust Search Ability

Authors: Hongguan Liu ,Fei Han

Paper ID 32: Multi-objective Optimization for Ladle Tracking of Aluminium Tapping Based on NSGA-II

Authors:Kaibo Zhou, Yutao Zou, Hongting Wang, Gaofeng Xu ,Sihai Guo

Paper ID 46: Extreme Learning Machine Based On Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization

Authors: Yaoming Cai, Xiaobo Liu, Yu Wu, Peng Hu, Ruiling Wang, Bi Wu,Zhihua Cai


  • 13:30 15:30, Dec. 2
  • Session on Applications of Bio-inspired Methods

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor, NanHai Room (启航中心4楼南海厅)

Session Chair: Jingjing Xue

Paper ID 14: Multi-threshold Image Segmentation Method Based on Flower Pollination Algorithm

Authors: Jingjing Xue,Xingshi He, Xinshe Yang, and Xiaoying Hao

Paper ID 21: Semi-supervised classification based on SAGA for PolSAR images

Authors: Hongying Liu, Zhi Wang, Feixiang Wang ,Licheng Jiao

Paper ID 33: Short Time and Contact-Less Virus Infection Screening System with Discriminate Function Using Doppler Radar

Authors: Xiaofeng Yang, Koichiro Ishibashi, Toshiaki Negishi, Tetsuo Kirimoto,  Guanghao Sun

Paper ID 34: Fault Diagnosis in Aluminium Electrolysis Using a Joint Method Based on Kernel Principal Component Analysis and Support Vector Machines

Authors: Kaibo Zhou, Gaofeng Xu, Hongting Wang ,Sihai Guo

Paper ID 61: Cloud Service Resource Allocation with Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Authors:Shi Cheng, Lantian Guo, Tao Yang, Jiqiang Feng, Yifei Sun, Chang Shao ,Qiqi Duan

Paper ID 63: Markov–Potts Prior Model and fuzzy membership based nonparametric SAR image change detection

Author: Ronghua Shang, Weitong Zhang, Yijing Yuan ,Licheng Jiao

Paper ID 68: Improved OBS-NMF Algorithm for Intrusion Detection

Authors: Wenping Ma, Yue Wu, Shanfeng Wang ,Maoguo Gong

Paper ID 69: Multipath reliable transmission based on BWAS and Immune Collaborative optimization in wireless sensor networks

Authors: Hongbing Li, Chen Qiang, Zhen Yang, Li Wang ,Liwan Cheng

Paper ID 75: Hand Target Extraction of Thermal Trace Image Using Feature and Manifold Inspired by Coordination of Immune

Authors: Tao Yang, Dongmei Fu, Xiaogang Li, Jintao Meng


  • 16:00 18:00, Dec. 2
  • Session on DNA computing – II

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor, Changjiang Room (启航中心4楼长江厅)

Session Chair:Yanfeng Wang

Paper ID 31: The Decoder Based on DNA Strand Displacement with Improved “AND” Gate and “OR” Gate

Authors: Weixuan Han, Changjun Zhou, Xiaojun Wang ,Qiang Zhang

Paper ID 36: A new image encryption algorithm based on DNA dynamic encoding and hyper-chaotic system

Authors: Guangzhao Cui, Yishan Liu ,Xuncai Zhang

Paper ID 37: A circuit simplification mechanism base on DNA Combinatorial Strands Displacement

Authors: Xuncai Zhang, Feng Han ,Yanfeng Wang

Paper ID 38: The design of RNA biosensors based on nano-gold and magnetic nanoparticles

Authors: Jing Yang, Yin Zhixiang ,Jian-Zhong Cui

Paper ID 42: Logic Circult Design of Fire Alarm System Device by DNA Strand Displacement

Authors: Yanfeng Wang, Jixiang Li ,Junwei Sun

Paper ID 44: Five-input square root logical operation based on DNA strand displacement

Authors: Yanfeng Wang, Panru Wang ,Junwei Sun

Paper ID 45: Design and analysis of complement circuit by using DNA strand displacement reaction

Authors: Guangzhao Cui, Yangyang Jiao ,Jianxia Liu

Paper ID 53: Comparator Logic Circuits Based on DNA Strand Displacement by DNA Hairpin

Authors: Zi Cheng Wang ,Hongbo Meng

 Paper ID 56: ions-medicated single molecular multi-functional DNA cascade logic circuit and signal amplifier model

Authors: Yafei Dong, Bingjie Guo ,Xiangxiang Chen



  • 16:00 18:00, Dec. 2
  • Session on Machine Learning and Neural Networks 

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor, HuangHe Room (启航中心4楼黄河厅)

Session Chair: Dun Liang

Paper ID 30: A Lexicon LDA Model Based Solution to Theme Extraction of Chinese Short Text on the Internet

Authors: Wang Xu ,Zhou Jing

Paper ID 49: A recommendation approach based on latent factors prediction of recurrent neural network

Authors: Ruihong Li ,Xingquan Zuo

Paper ID 58: Advanced Differential Evolution Algorithm and Its Application to Training Large-Scale Neural Networks

Authors: Tae Jong Choi ,Chang Wook Ahn

Paper ID 59: Effect of transfer functions in deep belief network for short-term load forecasting

Authors: Zhang Xiaoyu ,Wang Rui

Paper ID 64: Computing Stability of Products of Grassmannians using MAXIMA

Authors: Dun Liang

Paper ID 67: Enhanced Pairwise Learning for Personalized Ranking from Implicit Feedback

Authors: Yunzhou Zhang, Bo Yuan ,Ke Tang



  • 16:00 18:00, Dec. 2
  • Session on Membrane Computing 

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor, NanHai Room (启航中心4楼南海厅)

Session Chair: Yun Jiang

Paper ID 22: Spiking Neural P Systems with Minimal Parallelism

Authors: Yun Jiang, Fen Luo ,Yueguo Luo

Paper ID 28: Using an SN P System to Compute the Product of Any Two Decimal Natural Numbers

Authors: Fangxiu Wang, Kang Zhou,Huaqing Qi

Paper ID 39: Distributed Fuzzy P Systems with Promoters and Their Application in Power Balance of Multi-microgrids

Authors: Wenping Yu, Jun Wang, Tao Wang ,Yanxiang Yang

Paper ID 40: Cell-like P Systems with Symport/Antiport Rules and Promoters

Authors: Suxia Jiang, Yanfeng Wang, Jinbang Xu ,Fei Xu

Paper ID 41: Dynamical Analysis of a Novel Chaotic Circuit

Authors: Junwei Sun, Nan Li,Yanfeng Wang

Paper ID 43: An Improved Spiking Neuron P Systems with Anti-Spikes for Fault Location of Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation

Authors: Chengyu Tao, Jun Wang, Tao Wang ,Yanxiang Yang

Paper ID 55: Derivation Languages of Splicing P Systems

Authors: Kalpana Mahalingam, Prithwineel Paul, Bosheng Song, Linqiang Pan KG Subramanian


  • 18:00 20:00, Dec. 2 Conference banquet

Location: 2nd Floor, International Exchange Center,Harbin Engineering University(哈尔滨工程大学国际交流中心2楼) 







Sunday, 3rd, December, 2017


  • 08:00 09:00, Dec. 3

Plenary Talk D, Computational Complexity: a Membrane Computing Point of View

Speaker:Prof. Claudio Zandron, the University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor,  Academic Hall (启航中心4楼学术报告厅)


  • 9:00 10:00, Dec. 3

Plenary Talk E, The Recent Progress of Artificial Intelligence

Speaker:Prof. Dacheng Tao, the University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor,  Academic Hall (启航中心4楼学术报告厅)


  • 10:30 11:30, Dec. 3

Plenary Talk F,Neuromorphic Cognitive Computing: A Learning and Memory Centered Approach

Speaker:Prof.Huajin Tang,Sichuan University,Sichuan 

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor,  Academic Hall (启航中心4楼学术报告厅)


  • 14:00 16:00, Dec. 3

Special Session:Bioinformatics  

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor, Huanghe Room (启航中心4楼黄河厅)

Session Chair: Qinghua Jiang,Quan Zou

Topic:A high-order graph matching model with multiple networkconstraints for finding co-expressed modules

Speaker:Hongmin Cai


Speaker:Bin Liu

Topic:Computational prediction of miRNA and miRNA-disease relationship

Speaker:Quan Zou


Speaker:Qinghua Jiang

Topic:Identification of Regulatory Regions of microRNA and Bidirectional Genes

Speaker:Guohua Wang



  • 14:00 16:00, Dec. 3

Session on Bio-inspired Algorithms and Unmanned Systems  

Location: QiHang Center, 4rd floor, Changjiang Room (启航中心4楼长江厅)

Session Chair: Zhi-Hui Zhan

Paper ID 10: An Approach to the Bio-inspired Control of Self-Reconfigurable Robots

Authors: Dongyang Bie,Miguel A. Gutiérrez-Naranjo ,Jie Zhao,Yanhe Zhu

Paper ID 18: Global path planning of unmanned surface vessel based on multi-objective hybrid particle swarm

Authors: Hao Zhou,Dongming Zhao,Xuan Guo

Paper ID 51: Hypervolume-Based Multi-Level Algorithm for the Bi-Criteria Max-Cut Problem

Authors: Li-Yuan Xue, Rong-Qiang Zeng, Hai-Yun Xu, Zheng-Yin Hu ,Yi Wen

Paper ID 54: Experimental Study of Distributed Differential Evolution Based on Different Platforms

Authors: Lin Shi, Zhi-Hui Zhan, Zi-Jia Wang ,Jun Zhang

Paper ID 65:Predictive controller design using ant colony optimization algorithm for unmanned surface vessel

Authors:Dongming Zhao, Tiantian Yang,Wen Ou

Paper ID 66: Two-Dimensional DOA Estimation of Multipath Signals Using Compressive Sensing

Authors:Lin Zhao, Jian Xu ,Jicheng Ding





End of the Programme

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Paper Submission deadline

July 30, 2017

Notification of Paper Acceptance

August 15, 2017

Final paper submission

September 15, 2017

Conference date

December 01-03, 2017