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Special Session on

Heuristic Algorithm Design and Application in Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering


Electrical and electronic information engineering is an important area for theory research and industrial application. It has attracted many researchers. There are many kinds of optimization problems, like task scheduling problem, frequency spectrum allocation problem. To deal with these problems, many methods, algorithms and techniques have been developed. Among the methods and techniques investigated on these research fields, evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence and other heuristic algorithms, are playing an increasingly important role. The session focuses on the on-going research for the algorithm design and real-world industrial applications.

Topics of the special session include, but not limited to:

[Basic Methodologies]

  • Advanced modeling method
  • Advanced heuristic algorithm
  • Advanced evaluation indicator for heuristic algorithm
  • Advanced concept or strategy for comparing algorithm
  • Advanced simulation or experiment mechanism


  • Aeronautics and astronautics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Automatic control system
  • Smart Grid
  • Wireless sensor network
  • Cloud computing
  • Scheduling
  • Application in other related field


Hui Lu, professor in Beijing Aerial University, zhouwu@cqu.edu.cn

Special Session on

Topology properties of evolutionary algorithms with the application to industrial optimization


In recent decades, evolutionary algorithms, such as, genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization, and differential evolution, have been widely applied to the industrial optimization. The performance of evolutionary algorithms is studied sufficiently, and many advanced techniques have been successfully incorporated amid the algorithm design. One specific technique is the revision of population topology. For most algorithms, the population has homogenous topology, such as, fully-connected, ring-shaped, and lattice-shaped. Heterogeneous topology, such as scale-free networks, is recently studied in the evolutionary algorithm. Heterogeneous topology is reported with more robustness than homogenous topology. In this section, recent work on the topology properties will be discussed with respects of network theory and industrial application.

Topics of the special session include, but not limited to:

Partical swarm optimization
Genetic algorithm
Differential evolution
Evolutionary algorithm
Complex network analysis
Topology analysis
Neighborhood field
Energy management
Smart system
Process schedule
Optimization-based learning


Zhou Wu, professor in Chongqing University, zhouwu@cqu.edu.cn

Yanjun Fang, professor in Wuhan University, yjfang@whu.edu.cn


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Paper Submission deadline

July 30, 2017

Notification of Paper Acceptance

August 15, 2017

Final paper submission

September 15, 2017

Conference date

December 01-03, 2017